Motor vehicle Insurance is a designed policy to provide insurance security against loss of or damage to vehicles owned. It includes:-

1.Private vehicles

Suitable for private car owners 

2.Commercial vehicles 

Suitable for School vans/buses, Church vans/buses, General cartage, own goods vehicles

3.Public Service vehicles

Suitable for PSV Matatus, PSV taxi’s, PSV chauffer driven etc.

4.Special type vehicles

Suitable for excavators, tractors, forklift etc

Scope of motor insurance policy: 

  • Third Party Only (TPO) - This is the basic and minimum cover available. It provides for liability to third parties only in respect of bodily injury and damage to third party property. 
  • Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T) – In addition to the TPO cover above; this cover extends to cover the insured’s vehicle against the risks of fire and theft, including partial theft.
  • Comprehensive - This is a superior cover as in addition to TPF&T, it extends to cover any other accidental damage to the vehicles including collision, overturning, effects of floods, Earthquakes etc.
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