Property Insurance

Designed to cover business premises, contents and stocks. Suitable for all business people.


  • Cover against fire
  • Burglary cover
  • Sabotage, terrorism, mutiny, rebellion e.t.c.

Transit goods
Designed to cover for loss or damage of goods. Suitable for all customers transporting goods by road.


  • All risk cover for goods in transit 
  • Specified perils e.g. fire for goods in transit
  • Cover for a specific consignment
  • Cover for all consignments in a year 

Marine Insurance
Designed to cover risks of loss or damage from fortuitous causes . Suitable for all customers transporting goods by sea or air.

Perils covered: 

  • Sinking
  • Stranding, Fire
  • Collision
  • Sea water
  • Heavy weather
  • Contact, Explosion
  • Damage during discharge or loading Special charges incurred at the point of distress e.t.c.

 Liability Insurance
Designed to provide indemnity to the insured in respect of the financial consequence of legal liabilities towards third parties arising out of business activities. When liabilities arise, damages or compensation becomes payable. Suitable for public, employers and professionals.

The main classes of liability insurances are:

  • Public liability - Claims arising from third parties with respect to accidental bodily injury, or accidental loss of or damage to third party property.
  • Employers’ liability - Claims arising from legal liability in respect of accidental death, bodily injury or illness/disease to employees arising out of and in the course of employment.
  • Professional Indemnity - Provides cover to the professional against the enormous costs of litigation as well as financial damages that may be awarded on a law suit for errors or omissions that may occur in the course of performance of their duties. This policy is suitable for Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Accountants e.t.c.
  • Product liability - legal liabilities for accidental injury to third parties or damage to their property caused by products sold, supplied, repaired or tested by the insured. This policy is suitable for hotels, food manufacturers, fertilizer manufacturers, e.t.c.


Nyumbani Insurance Cover
This is a comprehensive protection for home owners & tenants against loss or damage to domestic buildings and/contents by fire, lightning, explosion, riot and strike, civil commotion, malicious damage, theft, burglary, all types of water damage e.t.c.

This package covers the following elements in a home:

  • Buildings
  • All contents inside the house
  • Personal valuable items
  • Domestic employees
  • Third party liabilities-owners/occupiers
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