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Special Types

Special Types

Special Types

  • Ambulances

Provide coverage for loss or accidental damage to ambulances.

  • Hearse

Provide coverage for loss of or accidental damage to hearse vehicle.

  • Fire Brigade

Provide coverage for loss of or accidental damage to fire brigade vehicle.


  • You must be over 18 years with a valid driving license.
  • You must fill a Proposal form 
  • Copy of Log book
  • Copy of National Identity card or Passport.
  • Copy of Pin Certificate
  • Premium payment 

Why should you take up PSVs or Special Types Insurance?

  • Protects you against Loss of valuables.
  • Replacement of damaged and or lost key
  • No blame no excess
  • You can get Accommodation after an accident.      

What if you pay an additional premium?

  • You’ll get Tracking devices.
  • You’ll get Personal accident Cover for the driver and loader.
  • You’ll be protected against damage as a result of Political violence and terrorism risks.

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