KWFT offers pure it which uses a breakthrough programmed Germkil technology using a multi-stage purification process that delivers clean water, giving your family complete protection from germs

- Sediment filter- Germkill processor- Uses programmed Germkil Technology to target and remove harmful viruses and bacteria
- Microfiber Mesh- Removes precipitated metallic impurities..
- Carbon Polisher- Removes parasites and chlorine, making the water clear, odourless and nature tasting.
- Micro charged Membrane- Purifies the water again and harmful parasites giving the assurance of double protection.

- Improved family health and livelihoods
- Long lasting quality products.
- Free home delivery
- Easy installation.
- Easy &flexible repayment terms
- New business opportunities.

- Removes harmful germs from water.
- Saves money-no need to buy bottled water
- Advanced technology that needs no electricity.
- Great tasting water.

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