KWFT Biogas loan enables farmers especially Dairy Farmers to acquire quality biogas digesters for provision of clean cooking and lighting fuel ...

- Finances a wide large of biogas plant sizes.
- 2 months Grace period available.
- Experts available for construction of the Biogas Plant.

- Clean energy for cooking, heating and lighting
- Cost and time savings from reliance on other forms of energy
- Reduced indoor & environmental pollution
- Production of slurry as a bio-fertilizer
- Improved food security from slurry
- Reduction in deforestation
- Improved lifestyle-Less time taken and impact on business.

- Client has source of bio-waste (e.g engaged in dairy farming with at least 2 cows).
- Client willing to stockpile waste (Cow dung) during the construction phase
- Enough space for construction
- Water availability

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