Our MD, Mr. Mwangi Githaiga receiving the Best Microfinance Institution Stand Award from HE. Uhuru Kenyatta at the Nakuru ASK Show 2014
Our MD, Mr. Mwangi Githaiga receiving the Best Microfinance Institution Stand Award from HE. Uhuru Kenyatta at the Nakuru ASK Show 2014

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) prides itself for being the only Financial Institution in Kenya and Africa that serves a niche market, as reflected in the Institution’s slogan ‘Banking on women’. Being the only Women’s Bank in Africa, KWFT endeavours to Partner with Women in their creation of wealth. Read about their stories of success.

KWFT is driven by the triple bottom line approach - Profit, Planet and People while developing its products. KWFT focuses on the products ability to generate returns (profit), their impact on the environment (planet) as well as its ability to transform its customers’ lives (people). All products are designed to improve the livelihoods of the clients and their families, uphold their dignity, save them time and energy, earn them income and conserve the environment.

KWFT was established in 2008 and began operations in 2009 after successfully taking over the Microfinance business from Kenya Women Holding (KWH).Later in March 2010, it received the CBK license to become a Deposit Taking Microfinance hence KWFT.

From humble beginnings, KWFT has risen to be the most successful Microfinance bank controlling over 45% of the Microfinance market in Kenya. With over 800,000 clients across the country, KWFT has invested in a vast branch network with over 245 offices spread out across 45 out of the 47 counties in Kenya. This has ensured that KWFT has deep penetration into remote, rural and peri-urban areas to ensure that women gain financial inclusion to uplift their living standards. 

KWFT is a fully fledged Microfinance Bank offering banking services that includes both savings and credit products that cater for the needs of Micro, Small and Medium sized entrepreneurs. KWFT’s products and services are open to Organized Groups, Individuals, and Corporates. 

As at December 2016, KWFT had a loan book Ksh 22.1 Billion, assets valued at Ksh 32.1 Billion and deposits of Ksh 17.2 Billion.

Shareholders Info

KWFT shareholders include the following:

  • Kenya Women Holding Limited
  • The Trustees – The KWFT Esop Trust
  • Rural Impulse Fund II S.A. SICAV
  • The Trustees – The KWFT DSOP Trust
  • Norwegian Microfinance Initiative Frontier Fund
  • Norwegian Microfinance Initiative Fund III
  • The Trustees - The KWFT CSOP Trust

Our Vision

“To be the Women Financial Solutions Provider with a Difference”

Our Mission

“To Partner with Women in their Creation of Wealth”

Our Core Values

  • Upholding the dignity of women
  • Team work
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Mutual respect for each other
  • Learning and innovation

KWFT Social Mission

KWFT endeavours to empower women since for a long time women have received limited services from the financial sector. Lack of hard collateral has been a great challenge to the women, hence KWFT encourages group leading, where women take up loans and co-guarantee each other, consequently giving the low income earners equal chances of accessing credit which will help them to improve their economic status.  

The Institution provides products aimed at empowering women such as Water Solutions, where women can access loans to buy water tanks to store clean water for the family, Renewable Energy Solutions for cooking and lighting, Housing Loan designed to meet the low cost  housing needs of low-income families,Education Loan to enable clients to pay school fees of their family members  as well as Business and Agricultural loans to help them improve their economic status as well as curb rural urban migration.

The Mothers rooms

In line with upholding the dignity of women, the bank has established a state of the art Mothers room in all its banking halls; a facility open to nursing and expectant mothers. This is a modern, special room where, mothers can breastfeed their children; comfortably use the provided modern baby changing station, and a washroom to facilitate good sanitation and hygiene. click here

The branches also have Display screens in the banking halls and in the mother’s room where information on maternal health is aired. Brochures and posters with information on the same are available for the clients.

KWFT Insurance Agency

KWFT Insurance Agency Limited is a subsidiary of KWFT. It is licensed and regulated by IRA and has been in operation since July 2013.It offers both life and non-life insurance business.

The insurance products provided include:


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