The KWFT Story

In 1981 a group of professional women from different professions namely lawyers, bankers, financial experts, entrepreneurs, managers and trainers, had a vision of establishing a Financial Institution committed to exclusively address the financial and non-financial needs of the women in Kenya. In addition the professionals had an objective of establishing a woman serving - women led bank. 

From humble beginnings of two offices in Karatina and Kilifi town, KWFT now has over 230 offices spread across the country. 

Kenya Women Microfinance bank Limited (KWFT) formerly Kenya Women Finance Trust Deposit Taking Microfinance Institution (KWFT) is a subsidiary of the Kenya Women Holding Company Limited (KWH). The institution traces its roots to Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT), a Microfinance Institution established in 1982 to provide access to financial services to women entrepreneurs to enable them to improve their economic status and livelihoods. 

In 2008 KWFT became a subsidiary of Kenya Women Holding (KWH) and in April 2010, KWFT received the CBK license to become a Deposit Taking Microfinance hence KWFT.

In 2014, Kenya Women Finance Trust Deposit Taking Microfinance changed its name to Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Limited (KWFT).This transition brought forth tremendous changes as now KWFT offers fully fledged banking services. 

Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Limited (KWFT) was established in 2008 and began its operations in 2009 after successfully taking over the Microfinance business from Kenya Women Holding (KWH). Since its inception KWFT has risen to be one of the most successful Microfinance Institutions in the country with the largest network. 

With over 800,000 clients across the country, KWFT has invested in a vast branch network with over 245 network of offices spread across 45 out of the 47 counties in Kenya, thus ensuring that KWFT has deep penetration into remote, rural and peri-urban areas to ensure that women gain financial inclusion to uplift their living standards. 

Having over 80% of clients based in rural areas where agriculture is the main economic activity, the Institution encourages the farmers to embrace better modern farming practices that will give them better and increased production such that they sell the surplus at a profit after ensuring that there is food security at the households. 

Being the only Women’s Bank in Africa, KWFT endeavours to Partner with Women to create a better Society.


KWFT serves over 800,000 clients across the country, for this reason KWFT has invested in a vast branch network of more than 200 branches spread across the 45 out of 47 counties. The Institution has a dedicated workforce of over 2500 staff who meet their clients regularly in their areas of business operations. In addition to the branches, there is KWFT Agency Banking Business Model to help in ensuring that KWFT has an even deeper penetration into remote, rural and peri-urban areas thereby enhancing financial inclusion and reduction of rural – urban migration which contributes to the high unemployment rates in the urban centres.

The Institution is driven by the three bottom line approach- Profit, Planet and People. While developing products KWFT focuses on the products ability to generate returns (profit), their impact on the environment (planet) as well as their ability to transform our customers’ lives (people). 


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