KWFT actively participated in the Kitale National show which was held from 11th to 14th October 2017 at the Kitale ASK Show Ground. The show was officially opened by Hon. Willy Bett, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

The ASK management has constantly positioned itself as the leading partner in encouraging innovation and technology in agriculture and trade. Thus the Kitale National Show attracted thousands of show goers including farmers, entrepreneurs and students who made their way to the grounds to gain up to date information on the current trends in the agri-industry.

Being Strategically placed KWFT was able to showcase unique, innovative products and services which included the home improvement portfolio – with a demo house (Nyumba smart), solar products, chepkube, water tank, poultry house, dairy farming, garden with drip lines, fish pond and a beekeeping kit. In addition, the Institution showcased some of the agri- assets that a farmer can be financed to undertake value addition processes to increase efficiency at the farm. They include the maize Sheller, milking machine, milk pasteurizer, Milk ATM, chopper, posho mill, planter, water heating system, weeder, earth auger, water pump, hand ridden tractor, pickup and a multipurpose motor bike for irrigation.

With continuous pursuit of offering innovative products and services KWFT has a remained a competitive organization to reckon with. As a result, through a thorough judging exercise the ASK Management recognized the Institution for its notable support to the farmers on provision of essential information on agriculture for improved production and generation of income as well provision of affordable financing. Thus KWFT received the following awards:

  • The Best Micro financial Institutions Stand - 1st Position
  • The Best Organization/Association in Community Projects/ Service Stand – 1 st Position
  • The Best Stand in Youth Activities, Empowerments and Capacity Building – 1 st Position
  • The Stand That Best Interprets The Current Show Theme (Non Agro based and Financial Industry ) – 1 st Position
  • The Best Innovation And Invention Stand – 3 rd Position

KWFT will continue to offer its support to both farmers and entrepreneurs to help them achieve their goals as well as grow the economy.

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