KWFT is delighted to have participated in this year’s Global Money Week celebrations in partnership with Kenya Bankers Association and Junior Achievement Kenya. This is an annual event that is engineered by the Child and Youth Finance International, an organization that seeks to empower the youth in matters of financial literacy and inclusion. The celebrations are geared towards teaching young people how to earn and save and spend wisely.

KWFT hosted a total of 40 students at the Head Office from the following three high schools within Nairobi:

  • The Kenya High School
  • Embakasi Girls High School
  • Oloolaiser Boys High School

The students were engaged in various activities that included a fun trivia and an introductory presentation on the Institution. They were then stationed in various departments across Head Office, where they participated in job shadowing, learning from their assigned mentors and getting a real feel of a corporate setting.

The students got an opportunity to visit the Managing Director’s office and engage him on his role as the Head of the Institution. This was followed by a colourful closing ceremony that saw the students role play as various heads of departments faced with a particular task. It was exciting to see the immense potential that these students have, and this goes to show that the future of this country is promising.

The ceremony was concluded on a high note with the student receiving certificates of participation.

KWFT remains committed to undertaking activities that support and empower the youth of this country.

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