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General Insurance

General Insurance

This policy protects you and the things you value, such as homes, cars and other valuables, from the financial impact of risks, big and small. 

This policy provides coverage for damage or destruction to insured property by Fire, lightning or explosion of domestic appliances.

The Fire & perils extends to include the following additional covers: 

  • Riot & strike
  • malicious damage
  • Explosion
  • Special perils
  • Earthquake 
  • Bush fire.

Claim procedure: 

  • A Duly completed Claim form.
  • Police abstract report.
  • Replacement invoice/ purchase receipts/ proforma invoices.
  • Statement on the circumstances of the loss.
  • Witness statements.

Burglary covers your contents against loss of or damage to the property caused by theft accompanied by forcible and violent entry into or exit from the premises and any damage to the premises described in the schedule for which the insured is responsible.

This is designed to provide coverage from financial loss when your machines break down or are accidentally damage subject to excepted risks.

Why you should take up machinery breakdown insurance.

  • Covers Repair costs upon breakdown of machinery.
  • Covers Consequential losses as a result of the breakdown e.g., replacement for loss and spoilage of stock, or loss of profits which could occur while waiting for repair of your machinery.

Who can take up Machinery Breakdown Insurance?

  • Manufacturers
  • Financial institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Health facilities
  • Offices and real estate owners
  • Construction enterprises
  • Real estate enterprises
  • Production and processing enterprises

Covers the contractor for loss or damage from insured perils that may occur during the course of construction.

Target Group.

       This policy is ideal for:

  • Construction companies in property development.
  • Companies engaging in the construction and maintenance of bridges, roads, dams, sewage, civil engineering and other infrastructural developments. 


  • Description of construction works.                                  
  • Location of construction.                   
  • Value of Machinery and Materials on site. 
  • Value of the contract (contract works).
  • Third-party liability cover limit.

Claim Procedure:

  • Claim notification to the Insurance company.
  • Forward Duly filled Claim form
  • Police abstract
  • Replacement quotation
  • Applicable deductible/ excess

This policy is designed to provide financial help if the insured has an accident or injury or if they suffer fatal injury.

Why should you take up Personal Insurance?

  • Compensation for Accidental death.
  • Compensation in case of Permanent Total Disability
  • Covers Funeral expenses.
  • Covers Accidental Medical Expenses.
  • Covers Artificial appliances Expenses.
  • Compensation in case of Political and terrorist related accident and death.


  • You must fill a Proposal form 
  • Copy of National Identity card or Passport.
  • Copy of PIN Certificate
  • Premium payment as per the option selected

Claim Procedure:

  • Claim notification to the underwriter.
  • Forward a duly completed motor accident report form.
  • A signed medical certificate.
  • Copy of payslip for the month just before the accident.
  • Overtime schedule if the element appears on the payslip.
  • A second medical opinion from another doctor if required by the insurance company.
  • In case the accident is fatal: Death Certificate, a copy of National Identity Card and Police Abstract Report.
  • Original Medical Bills.