What does Kenya Women Microfinance Bank do?

KWFT provides financial services to improve family lives through women.

Why does KWFT deal with women only?

KWFT aims at improving the economic and social status of women and their families.

For a long time women have had little or no access to credit. KWFT aims at bridging this gap in the financial services sector but our focus is the family.

How much money can I borrow?

The amount of the loan will depend on the need of your business and ability to pay.

Where are the KWFT offices?

Our offices are spread throughout the country. (See Our Network and Contact pages). We have made every effort to bring our services as close to you as possible.

What kind of security does KWFT require?

We are aware women do not normally have conventional collateral like title deeds. KWFT therefore provides social collateral loans. However, in cases where the loan amount is large, we may require conventional securities.

Does KWFT lend to business start-ups?

KWFT normally finances businesses that have been in existence for at least one year. The track record of a business is very important in determining the ability to service a loan. For details check on the Products and Services page

Why did KWFT become a Microfinance Bank?

It has been a long time goal of the board and management of the Institution to deliver to our clients a “Woman’s Banking Facility- a one stop shop”. Our aim as an Institution is to serve the women of this country comprehensively and as the economy continues to grow, so do their financial needs.

Does KWFT now operate solely as a bank or are credit facilities still offered?

KWFT will continue to offer credit facilities to clients as well as take deposits and transact over the counter using their savings or loan accounts.

KWFT also offers value add services such as:

  • Western union
  • Airtel
  • Mpesa 
  • Mobile banking
  • Agency banking
  • Pesalink 

Are men now eligible to bank with Kenya Women Microfinance Bank?

KWFT focuses its services to the family using the woman as the entry point. If the husband and wife would like to open an account, it is possible to do so with the woman as the principal account holder or signatory. 

Why bank with Kenya Women Microfinance Bank?

  • Our products and services are designed and differentiated to serve women at their point of need
  • Security for your money
  • Attractive interest rates on all savings products
  • Easy access to your cash via KWFT ATMS and Kenswitch ATMs countrywide. 
  • Mobile money platform available
  • Agency banking available on selected regions
  • Excellent customer care that ensures ease and efficiency when banking
  • Unique banking facilities I.e. every banking hall has a mothers room that caters for our clients who have infants
  • Opportunity to save and grow your money in a secure environment.

What do you need to open an account?

  • Copy of ID
  • Recent, colored passport size photo
  • Copy of KRA PIN