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KWFT is delighted to announce its recognition at the 2023 SFI Catalyst Awards organized by Kenya Bankers Association where the institution is a Member Bank.


This was the 7th Edition of the SFI Catalyst Awards by Kenya Bankers Association (KBA) and the event was presided over by Dr. Habil Olaka- CEO Kenya Bankers Association, Tamara Cook- CEO FSD Kenya and Geoffrey Odundo- CEO – Nairobi Securities Exchange. KWFT was represented at the event by Kibet Kipkemoi- Director ICT& Banking Operations and Juliana Wanjiru- GM Marketing, Communications & Innovation.


The Catalyst Awards aim at recognizing Financial Institutions that continue to drive a positive impact on the Economy, Society and the Environment through Sustainable Financing Initiatives. Members of the KBA, Non-KBA members, mobile network operators offering financial services and Financial Institutions were eligible to submit entries for the Catalyst Award.


The awards were as follows;




KWFT emerged the winner

This category focused on a Firms commitment in promoting gender parity through policy formulation and implementation. Banks were encouraged to showcase their role in encouraging women to be formally included in the financial services sector that included the workplace and marketplace (by developing products geared towards empowering female entrepreneurs).




KWFT emerged 2nd position

This category focused on how technology can be leveraged to reach untapped and marginalized market segments. It also focuses on ways firms can innovate and enhance their service delivery as well as, expand a firm’s reach/scale.


In this category, KWFT showcased 2 Innovations implemented through Partnerships with Fintechs namely:


§ Ibuild that enables KWFT to collect data and report on social impact of KWFTs Home Improvement product offering.

§ Rapidvets as a tool used by the KWFT to connect livestock farmers with qualified veterinary officers for purposes of obtaining livestock valuation reports.





KWFT emerged 3rd position

This category focused on Firms that have contributed to Sustainable Economic Development through financing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Firms were encouraged to highlight how they have extended credit to SME’s who are in green growth activities.


KWFT’s steadfast commitment to gender inclusivity, coupled with innovative financial empowerment and technological integration, has reshaped the narrative as well as established a benchmark in the banking sector.


A heartfelt appreciation to the KWFT team as these efforts have undeniably transformed lives of Kenyan families

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On November 21st, 2023, KWFT Bank had the distinct honor of being invited to the AFAWA Finance series in Kenya, where Mr Mwangi Githaiga served as a keynote speaker on the panel. The AFAWA Finance Series was organized by the African Development Bank (AFDB) in collaboration with the African Guarantee Fund (AGF). The event was held at Safari Park, Kenya.


AFAWA’s approach challenges the gender gap in access to finance and liberates women’s entrepreneurial capacity in Africa.The theme of the panel discussion was ‘Bridging the Gender Financial Gap’


The event was graced by esteemed guests.The chief guest was Hon. Ann Waiguru (Chair of council of governors). The other guests were Harriet Chiggai (Office of the president’s Advisor on Women’s rights), H.E Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay County Governor), Dr.Chris Kiptoo (Principal Secretary, National Treasury), Hon. Beatrice Elachi(Deputy Chairperson, Kenya Women Parliamentary Association),Dr. Susan Koech (Deputy Governor Central Bank of Kenya) ,Mr. Jules Ngankam (AGF CEO), Dr. Josephine Ngure (AFDB Regional Country manager) .


Other panelists sharing the platform were notable leaders, such as Mr. Anuj Mediratta (CEO, Gulf African Bank), Betty Korir (CEO, Credit Bank), Elizabeth Wasunna (Director, Business Banking, Absa Bank Kenya), and Lilian Mramba (Chief Investment Officer, Grassroots Business Fund)


Mr. Mwangi Githaiga shared expertise on empowering women economically highlighting its significance in societal development. The discussions covered various topics, including the barriers faced by women in accessing finance, the role of financial institutions in supporting women entrepreneurs, and the necessity for innovative financial products tailored to women’s specific needs.


KWFT’s takes pride in being part of such impactful discussions that align with our commitment to fostering inclusive financial practices. This role is a testament to KWFTs position as a key industry player that has set the pace in women’s financial inclusion.

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On the 13th of September 2023, The KWFT Managing Director, Mwangi Githaiga accompanied by Senior Leadership Team had the privilege of hosting 9 Members of Ugandan Parliament who were on a benchmarking and study tour of the Kenyan microfinance sector. This exchange was made possible courtesy of Association of Microfinance Institutions (AMFI).

The value of Kenya’s sectors, particularly in the realm of microfinance and women’s financial inclusion, cannot be overstated. By studying these best practices, Uganda can gain valuable insights into crafting policies and strategies that promote financial inclusion and gender equality within its own borders.

As a model institution, the KWFT MD gave a comprehensive presentation to demonstrate the Institution’s core activities and its innovative approaches to women’s financial empowerment. This highlighted KWFT’s commitment to offering accessible financial products and services tailored to the unique needs of women entrepreneurs and individuals in rural and marginalized communities in Kenya.

The delegates were impressed by KWFTs approach to sustainable finance and the presentation set the stage for insightful discussions.

KWFT’s hosting of the delegation from the Parliament of Uganda marked an important milestone in fostering knowledge-sharing and cross-border collaboration within the East African region. This exchange of ideas and experiences between Uganda and Kenya promises to lay the foundation for future advancements and collaborations in the pursuit of gender equality and financial inclusion.

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AAR Insurance compensated one of KWFT’s customers whose rental property in Lunga Lunga accidentally caught fire. This was made possible as the customer had taken an insurance cover through KWFT Bancassurance whose underwriter is AAR Insurance.

Janet has been a KWFT customer for over 20 years and she owns various businesses including 25 rental units in LungaLunga, Embakasi Sub-County, Nairobi County. On 8th May 2023, some of the rental units accidentally caught fire.

Janet, was presented with a cheque by AAR Insurance Group CEO Dr. Patrick Gatonga in the presence of KWFT MD, Mwangi Githaiga at KWFT Centre on 31st July 2023. A team from AAR Insurance and KWFT was also present for this occasion.

The presentation of the cheque symbolizes both KWFT’s commitment to their customers’ financial well-being and the effectiveness of their partnership with AAR insurance.

This also emphasizes the importance of insurance in safeguarding individuals and businesses from unforeseen risks. KWFT has partnered with AAR Insurance to provide KWFT customers with reliable and efficient insurance covers, ensuring their peace of mind in times of crisis.

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Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) staff in conjunction with Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and local community members of Kimakia united to rehabilitate a section of Kimakia forest in Murang’a County. In this re-forestation exercise 2,000 trees of different indigenous species were planted on April 27, 2023. Kimakia forest is a home to a variety of wildlife and forest species.

KWFT took part in the activity in efforts towards increasing Kenya’s forest cover which has served generations with many environmental benefits, beautiful canopies as well as a habitat for Kenya’s renowned diverse wildlife. Kenyan forests have been degraded over time, mainly emanating from human activities such as logging, charcoal burning and human settlement causing severe drought and environmental degradation. To revitalize its landscapes, Kenya has committed to increase its forest cover with 15 billion trees by 2032 to achieve 30% tree cover.

As such preservation of the environment calls for sustainable activities that protect natural resources by reducing waste, energy consumption and pollution from all stakeholders. In response to SDG 6: Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 13 on Climate Action, KWFT has been intentional in offering eco-friendly products as well as financing for businesses whose operations are environmentally conscious.

KWFT is committed to continue contributing to the noble agenda of restoring natural resources and it was honoured to partake the exercise with Kenya Forest Service and the community of Kimakia.