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On June 20, 2024, KWFT hosted a delegation from Central Africa Building Society (CABS), the 3rd largest bank in Zimbabwe, for a peer-to-peer learning visit. This visit was organized by SME Support Centre to facilitate knowledge sharing and to enable the CABS Management Team to learn from KWFT’s best and sustainable practices on the agenda of supporting Women owned and led SMEs.

The CABS Team was received by KWFT’s Ag Managing Director Kariuki Kitabu and the Senior Leadership Team who presented an insightful overview of KWFT’s Strategic Direction and business operations, highlighting how the Institution has positioned women as the cornerstone of change in Kenya. The presentation showcased KWFT’s tailored products and services specifically designed for women and their families, emphasizing commitment to gender-focused financial solutions.

KWFT shared insights anchored on the necessity for financial institutions to also incorporate holistic approach of encompassing policies that target the workplace and marketplace, ensuring an inclusive and holistic approach to gender inclusion. This is in alignment with KWFT’s mission and it underscores the Institution’s dedication to fostering an inclusive financial ecosystem.

The platform provided a valuable exchange session, allowing both teams to discuss strategies, share experiences, and explore collaborative opportunities. These interactions underscored the critical role of regional cooperation in achieving inclusive communities and advancing financial inclusion and empowerment initiatives.