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Monthly Archives: March 2024

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On March 5th 2024, KWFT welcomed the executive team of Water.org to KWFT Centre, Upperhill. The occasion saw the Water.org team paying a courtesy call to the KWFT Managing Director and engaging in a series of visits to witness firsthand the fruits of their collaboration.


The  water.org executive team comprised of Gary White (CEO & Co-founder), Jay SchwartzCoffey (Chief Financial Officer), Janet Tinsley (Chief Global Impact Officer), Griselda Santos( Regional Director, Southeast Asia), Francis Musinguzi (Regional Director, Africa) , Collins Owiti (Senior Partnership Accounts Manager) and  Jamilla Kang’ahi Rajabu (Senior Partnership Account Manager). The team met the KWFT MD, Mwangi Githaiga and senior leadership management of KWFT.


For more than 10 years, Water.org and KWFT have joined forces to address one of Kenya’s most pressing challenges: access to safe, affordable, and accessible water. This enduring partnership has transformed the lives of countless individuals and communities across the country.


The visit commenced with an interactive meeting at the KWFT headquarters, where the Water.org team was presented with the inspiring journey of KWFT’s commitment to financing Kenyan women in accessing water. Through innovative financing solutions, KWFT has empowered women to take control of their lives and uplift their families and communities.


The latter part of the visit was a trip to Kandara, Muranga, where the Water.org team met two beneficiaries of the KWFT and Water.org partnership. These women, once burdened by long and arduous journeys to fetch water from distant rivers, now have access to clean water right in their homes.


Their story serves as a tender reminder of the challenges faced by many Kenyan families in accessing water and the profound impact that strategic partnerships can have in addressing such issues.


KWFT’s dedication to empowering women extends far beyond water access. Through collaborations with visionary partners like Water.org, KWFT has been at the forefront of driving positive change in communities across Kenya.


KWFT extends its gratitude to Water.org for their unwavering support and partnership over the years. Together significant strides towards a future where Kenyan access to safe and reliable water has been made possible.