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Monthly Archives: April 2023

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Kenya Women Microfinance Bank (KWFT) staff in conjunction with Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and local community members of Kimakia united to rehabilitate a section of Kimakia forest in Murang’a County. In this re-forestation exercise 2,000 trees of different indigenous species were planted on April 27, 2023. Kimakia forest is a home to a variety of wildlife and forest species.

KWFT took part in the activity in efforts towards increasing Kenya’s forest cover which has served generations with many environmental benefits, beautiful canopies as well as a habitat for Kenya’s renowned diverse wildlife. Kenyan forests have been degraded over time, mainly emanating from human activities such as logging, charcoal burning and human settlement causing severe drought and environmental degradation. To revitalize its landscapes, Kenya has committed to increase its forest cover with 15 billion trees by 2032 to achieve 30% tree cover.

As such preservation of the environment calls for sustainable activities that protect natural resources by reducing waste, energy consumption and pollution from all stakeholders. In response to SDG 6: Affordable and Clean Energy and SDG 13 on Climate Action, KWFT has been intentional in offering eco-friendly products as well as financing for businesses whose operations are environmentally conscious.

KWFT is committed to continue contributing to the noble agenda of restoring natural resources and it was honoured to partake the exercise with Kenya Forest Service and the community of Kimakia.