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On March 15, 2023 KWFT was delighted to host 32 MBA students from Yale University Connecticut, USA who were on a study tour, accompanied by their Professor Kevin Donavan and Jolly Christine. The tour was based on their interest in the Kenyan Economy.

The study tour began with a mentorship session by the KWFT Managing Director, Mwangi Githaiga who presented on Kenya’s financial landscape, KWFT strategic direction, structure, operations and its contribution to the Kenyan economy. There were great conversations about how KWFT supports Kenyan women (residing in the rural areas) to access credit to grow their businesses sustainably. This was supported by a conversation of KWFTs selection of portfolios and how the institution is able to address women economic empowerment, inclusion and gender equality. 

The team then embarked on a field visit to meet and interact with some KWFT customers in Kandara, Makuyu and Goliba areas within the Nairobi North region.

In Kandara, the team was excited to attended a group meeting and got oriented to understand and appreciate the group lending methodology. This was an insightful meeting as it defined KWFTs model of social collateral which enables women to access credit. In Makuyu the team visited an avid poultry farmer who shared her journey that has been nurtured and financed by KWFT. The business woman normally rears over 30,000 chicken and supplies to Kenchic thus making her business very marketable. The visit ended with a delightful visit to a farm in Goliba owned by a KWFT beneficiary who offered insights on her thriving horticultural business. 

KWFT was delighted to host the Yale University students for the mentorship session to impact knowledge to students on practical and scalable solutions offered by Microfinance.

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